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Resurgence: A Comrade Factor

Bismillah, ashshalaatu wassalaamu ‘alaa Rasuulillaah.

Alhamdulillaahirabbil ‘aalamiin…

A dream seems too far, too high, and too beautiful when you haven’t reached it. But once you got it, it will just become something that passes. Very so-so. Not a big deal.

Maybe this time I’ll try to train my English in public. Just comment below when you find a grammar error or else.

Day by day ran away. Life in ITB was normally no more than just a class-then-test, class-then-test, and class-then-test. We, the students, were forced to be always ready under pressure. Or was it only me who felt so? 

It was amazing to know that my name was one of 2000s names on the list of new ITB students accepted via SNMPTN, which has been widely-known as ‘the invitation track’. I had myself in the longest-ever holiday whole life, a.k.a. the honored hiatus. Guess how long: 3 months!

After all, I was ready to go for the first re-registration in ITB Jatinangor. It was the very first time I attended ITB. It was all mind-blowing, miraculous, and soooo on. Then in the following day I visited ITB Ganesa in Bandung for a psychological test. It was just all the way unbelievable.

I entered ITB with my old-fashioned style. Actually not that old-fashioned, just distinguished from other people. I used to wear islamic suit as well as taqiyah–islamic cap. Many people ask me why I did. To some people, I told that is was a protection or a sign that makes ajnabiyyah (non-mahram marriageable women) understand that I was different to other people. In another case, I only answered that it was just my style. I did never expect to be an icon or what. I have been wearing like that since long, somehow. Additionally, I came from an islamic school and of course it’s no surprise a Muslim wears islamic clothes. Only those people were not used to.

I started feeling uncomfortable since the pre-semester agendas ran. I’ve done all the seminars. I’ve done INTEGRASI, the new students re-orientation. I’ve also done listening to the speakers, and some good performances. But still, when it disturbed the shalah/prayer time, it was always uncomfortable.

It was also hard for me to not hasten to the mosque when the time for praying came. My heart sank. Furthermore with all ‘eye distraction’ from those ‘uncovered’ or ‘uncompleted-dress’ girls.

Even when I attended the class, my time just became worse. I hardly understood every single thing. I felt inferior. Especially when the whole people in the class seem to be able to do what I and only-my-self couldn’t. And really, the practical sessions were as well bored-to-death. They also stole the early prayer times, like the Zuhr and the Ashr.

Day by day, I felt almost totally changed. The glorious dream of becoming a scientist, researcher, technocrat, whatever, had significantly disappeared from my mind. I only wanted to leave all these things and live safely in a more appropriate place, there faraway that I thought I could be more developed there.

But not that easy. My fate from Allah brought me to recognize some joyous mates, who were very anxious to know the religion deeper. Their desire in Islam was sometime I felt much more than me who had learned much more. They were avid to attend islamic lectures ‘kajian sunnah’. They discussed so many things about Islam. I was much ashamed, for sure, but they still respected me. I did never find such people as them.

But it still didn’t change my idea for leaving away.

There is actually a hidden story in the middle of this writing. But, instead of telling it, it’s better to just tell the main point of why I share this story.

I had a friend. And yes, this is that ‘main thing’. Very simple. But this friend is a special figure. Even until now I still wonder how we could be this so closed. Overall, I believed, Allah always preserves the best fate for me. After the ‘hidden story’ happened to me, I evidently met this fellow.

He is Yusuf Fahlevi. So far, we had so much stories. But of course it’s not necessary to tell them all.

Yusuf is about one year older than me. He is in the Faculty Of Civil and Environmental Engineering and had planned to choose the Civil one. He is a Minangi. He is a normal teen. His intelligence is like the average ITB students. Hehe. So what? Nothing really special. Yeah, nothing until I knew he had a dream to be a hafiz. He eagerly asked me ‘hows’ in memorization of the Holy Book. He even stalked my Facebook and apparently astonished which my various gainings; in language, science, as well as Quran. He was highly motivated to follow my footsteps, even to continue studying in the KSA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It was also just about ‘when heart speaks’. Yeah, my heart spoke: he was a good-mannered, and more than it, he was a pious, and I realized it ever since I visited his room (which was, Masha Allah, sooo clean and neat!), then we started talking very long.  We actually haven’t really interacted for more than a month, but we had a good communication. Shortly, I also felt we had similarities and it’s no secret that somebody would be closed to another one when they have similarities in life, such as hobbies or interests. And fortunately, beside similarities in characteristics, we do also have similar life mission and vision.

Maashaa Allaah, tabaarakarrahmaan.

I won’t openly expose about Yusuf, because it’s not the main thing I want to share here. The main thing is: the importance of choosing a life–whether a wife/husband or buddy. I hope you’ll be pleased to visit my past writing.

According to Shahih al-Bukhary, Prophet Shallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said (meaning):

“The example of a good companion (friend) in comparison with a bad one is like that of one who sells musk and the blacksmith.  From the first, you would either buy musk or enjoy its good smell, while from the blacksmith you would either get burned or smell a bad scent.” source

I didn’t know, that spirit and desire just came away. I then became motivated up. Yusuf also enjoyed helping me to fight in ITB, while I also shared the little thing I knew about Arabic and Quran.

Yusuf for me is a great gift from Allah. Yusuf is one of the strongest reason for me to keep up striving in ITB. With Yusuf, by Allah’s permission and always, I could set back from all my troubles and slowly built my plans in the coming-up years. Those sorrows above in this writing have almost completely depleted.

Yusuf had implicitly helped me answering the question asked in the title of this writing. In ITB, what are you looking for? Of course, I didn’t choose SITH ITB for no reason.

Barakallah fiik, suf. Uhibbuka fillaah, akhii. I’m wondering how will the following days be!

*Later on: I have a plan to tell special story about Yusuf. A story that comes from Fahlevi family of the ranah pemuda perantauan, Tanah Minang. Insha Allah. Just pray it would finish soon and then inspire the readers 🙂

Wallaahu a’lam bishshawaab.

Addition note:

Islam puts a serious emphasize on friend-making. I recommend you to check out these sources:



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